How Big Is Your Brave?

“Great marketing is transform[ing] the way you and your organization spread your ideas, engage with customers and most of all, think about what you make and why.”

Sometimes “stream of consciousness” writing, if not the most cogent, contains the purest truth. Here’s a recent one:

Put humans at the center of your operations, not just your content or your mission. Make it your priority to inspire people, reach them, to give them your best (and scariest) ideas. Make them delighted that you called. Tell them what you think. Figure out who your work is for, and work better for them. Challenge your ideas and your team-mates’s ideas. Make your work be about honoring your own worth and potential, and adding value to other people’s lives.

Influence and lead a tribe. Help them understand themselves and develop their strengths. Encourage them to share their ideas, to be vulnerable, to step up to the plate. Don’t be afraid to fail. Success can only happen through repeated failures. Continue to teach, lead and heal.

Meditate. The more in contact you are with your inner most self, the more access you have to Power, and the more easily you can create a life of joy and creativity.

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