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Learning Takes Courage, The Pathway to Self


Spiritual learning opens the doorway to true Self.  The only thing “blocking” you from it are the pathways that you avoid. There are always pathways to deeper understanding,  whether traversed, avoided, or unseen. These are the blind spots, the stopping points, the blocks to progress.

In a sense, there are no actual blocks, only self imposed (perceptual) ones. And in another sense, those self imposed blocks are also very “real”, because what we see, feel and experience is our reality. Fundamentally,  though, no blocks exists between you and You – your power. Your deepest. truest You. There is only fog on the windshield.  Continue reading “Learning Takes Courage, The Pathway to Self” »

No Such Thing as A True Story (PART 2): All Beliefs Are Valid

This post is a follow-up to the previous post, which is a reprinting of Pema Chodron’s work.

When it comes to any non-materialist view of reality (i.e., religion, non-religion, spirituality, etc.), it doesn’t matter what other people believe. It only matters what you believe.

These matters of belief are deeply personal, and carry potential for a lot of contention between people (and nations), since conflicting viewpoint can appear to undermine our own belief, i.e., everything we know what it means to be human in this world. But if we make other people wrong, we are making ourselves wrong. Everyone has the right to make meaning how they see fit, and what’s right for one person, may not be right for someone else. Like us, meaning and belief are ours individually, and that’s what makes them inherently relative. Any personal belief which doesn’t first recognize the relative nature of belief and, by extension the inherent value of differing beliefs, only serves to undermine and discount the beauty and greatness which is possible within an infinite vastness of possibilities.  Continue reading “No Such Thing as A True Story (PART 2): All Beliefs Are Valid” »

The Cry of Tolerance: No Such Thing As A True Story

Which way to right belief?The following is an excerpt  from the chapter titled “No Such Thing As a Tru Story”, from author Pema Chodron’s book, “The Wisdom of No Escape”.  I’m republishing it here as a reference for this post  and because I think it is a wonderful parable which beautifully illustrates the subjective nature of reality and the dangers of subscribing to fixed belief system (or, at least, claiming the primacy of one’s own belief system).

Which way to right belief?

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What If I Just Called It Power?

“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill the Buddha” – Zen Proverb

How I define the concept of a  “Higher Power”, a “God”, a “Universal Intelligence”, etc. is a problem that has troubled me for quite some time. The right definition, one that fits within the confines of my experience, still eludes me. I’m never sure what language to use to describe it. Words seem to fail entirely. But words give character and meaning to concepts, and so choosing the words carefully and experimenting with them helps me to shape my understanding. This writing is an attempt to work this through. It’s a process, and a dizzying one, so, bear with me. But, if you do dig through the dirt with me, I think you’ll find the nuggets are pretty golden. :)  Continue reading “What If I Just Called It Power?” »

Dealing With Obstacles

All month long, I’ve been thinking about obstacles. What they are, what they mean, how to deal with them effectively. “Removing Obstacles” was the subject of a two week Instagram challenge that I’ve been participating in. (Basically, a contest where you post pictures of the daily prescribed asana, along with a caption or brief commentary. Many challenges have a specific theme to write about). Here are a few of my posts that I felt were worth sharing here.

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