What Is Humility?

Humility is a surrender. Brightness of light and love. Understanding of my place, which is cradled in the cupped palms of acceptance. Peace, serenity, oneness. Acceptance of life, of pain. Fighting creates more of the same.
In hopelessness, is hope.
In doubt, is God.
In sadness, are seeds of joy. 
Darkness gives way to the light. 
May I give way to the light also. 
Humility is the understanding that there is a God, and that I am not it; admittance that my own mechanisms are tried and flawed, that Her ways are real, and pure, and sure.
God, give me humility. Give me the ability to give way to YOUR way. To allow you. To come through me. To not use my own ways. Vanity, pride, sourness, bitterness, depression, isolation, grief, righteousness, self justification, selfishness, doubt, faithlessness, masochism.
Humility: The recognition that an unseen Power is my maker, my creator and my Source Guide, the Power behind all things, the recognition that this Power, my source, is the only true way to meet my needs. And humility is, following this, a vigorous attempt at recognizing and redirecting any endeavor to fulfill my own emotional needs in destructive, counter-productive, inharmonious ways (ways of the self).
When peace is not available to me, I can still ask. I can still try.
Fighting leads me in one direction. Down. Surrender.
Humility requires an admission that of myself, I am nothing. It is a sacrifice of the Self.
As I look for these incorrect behaviors and ideas within me, and as I ask for answers to my questions and solutions to my pain be revealed,  as I look, I must trust. And I must ASK. Ask humbly, and with beautiful defeat to be led.
It takes repeated attempts at character building to grow in my perfect image. But I believe that I am trying, and that God is happy with this, and with me.

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