Learning Takes Courage, The Pathway to Self


Spiritual learning opens the doorway to true Self.  The only thing “blocking” you from it are the pathways that you avoid. There are always pathways to deeper understanding,  whether traversed, avoided, or unseen. These are the blind spots, the stopping points, the blocks to progress.

In a sense, there are no actual blocks, only self imposed (perceptual) ones. And in another sense, those self imposed blocks are also very “real”, because what we see, feel and experience is our reality. Fundamentally,  though, no blocks exists between you and You – your power. Your deepest. truest You. There is only fog on the windshield. 

Avoidance of painful emotion is a prime culprit — manifested through various patterns, addictions and neurosis! Thee are both a necessary, and preventative, depending on where you are. Some times it’s a necessary protection, because we can’t learn from what we encounter if it disables us. A lot of the times, avoidance whether conscious or unconscious is a hindrance to growth. We can’t learn from what we avoid.

The key is to rely on the Power that you can’t see. With that base, you can encounter anything and grow from it, because you will have the courage and fortitude to traverse the pathways, the courage and willingness to face your feelings, and the truths you’d prefer not to see. But it takes courage, it takes willingness.   Just saying to yourself or whatever you believe in, “I trust you. I choose to bring into my awareness any limiting beliefs that keep me from knowing myself, realizing my fullest potential.”

All this might sound theoretical, but there is a practical piece. There are a few ways that I’ve adopted to help me see the road in front of me, where I am and where I need to go.

I’ll write those out tomorrow.

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