Getting more matches on dating apps like Hinge and Bumble is just the first step to finding love online. Once you get the match, you have to guide them to meeting for a date. Most dating app matches don’t transition into real-world dates or lead to bad dates. Why? There may be a mismatch of expectations, interest, or chemistry.

I figured out how to turn my best matches into dates sooner by using a communication process to quickly assess online chemistry, improve transparency and ease of getting to know matches online, and save myself time and energy by meeting only my strongest matches. In result, I went on higher quality, amazing first dates that led to relationships.

Now I teach singles how to identify their best Hinge and Bumble matches and turn them into better first dates.

In my course MATCH TO DATE ACCELERATOR, you’ll learn how to:

•       Filter out low-interest or bad matches sooner

•       Assess chemistry before the first date

•       Save time, energy, and money by only meeting your strongest matches for dates

•       Improve text conversations with your matches

•       Stand out in your match’s inbox

•       Lead a dating app match conversation to in-person date

•       Motivate your match to meet you

•       Ask for the date

•       Plan a great first date

By using my messaging strategy and principles, you can have more fun and meet more people, to find love faster.

Hi, I’m Ana. Here's my story.

I experimented with various dating apps in different markets I lived, looking for love through trial and error. There was no blueprint for dating app profile and messaging best practices so everyone seemed lost together online.

Once I realized dating apps were just platforms for personal marketing and I was a professional marketer, I applied my decade of marketing expertise to find love faster on Hinge and Bumble dating apps. Soon, I had higher quality and quantity of men asking me on more dates. Successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, models, and executives were eager to meet me, and I went on amazing dates.

I created a blueprint for how I did it, sharing my strategies rooted in proven psychology and marketing principles. These tactics have worked equally in securing business clients as they have dating prospects.

As The Connection Artist™, I now help single men and women who are looking for relationships on Hinge and Bumble to form better connections, by design. I teach how to get better matches and first dates. Why? Because everyone deserves to find a great love in their lives. 💛


Match to Date Accelerator ($97)

Learn how to use my unique messaging system to guide your Hinge and Bumble matches through efficient, intentional interactions designed to lead your best matches to first dates quicker. Don't get stuck on dating apps, wasting time and energy texting with online pen pals that lead nowhere.

In this course, I'll offer you the messaging process I followed that helped me streamline my matches, quickly assess chemistry before meeting, and naturally inspire my matches to invest in fantastic, fun dates. Learn strategies to stand out in your matches' inboxes and set the foundation for having great first dates.

What You'll Learn

Learn how to identify and transition your best dating app matches to real-world dates:

  • How to determine chemistry with matches when messaging
  • How to avoid wasting time, money, and energy on bad dates
  • How to lead online conversations to real dates
  • How to get more dates and get off the dating apps sooner
  • How to have better first dates

This course can work for both men and women.

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Secrets for Building a Magnetic Dating Profile ($97)

I was just like you. I didn't enjoy being on dating apps, but I also didn't have the time, energy, or courage to go out every day to meet new people organically. I had no idea what I was doing on the dating apps and why it was so hard to find a good match.

I was a busy, single woman who felt dating apps weren't working for me...until I decided to change the game. Once I applied my professional branding, marketing, and sales expertise to uniquely craft my dating profile and messaging, I attracted the interest of hundreds of men daily to my Bumble and Hinge dating app profiles, sometimes receiving 1000+ likes per day. 

Whether you are a man or woman, my mini course "Secrets for Building a Magnetic Profile" can help you learn how to get more matches by crafting an irresistible profile. 

Once I applied the teachings from “Secrets for Building a Magnetic Profile” and started receiving massive attention and likes for my dating profile, I had more matches and date requests than I could manage. I received dozens of weekly date invitations from great men who were eager to meet me.  


Match to Date Accelerator ($97)

To quickly identify who my best and most interested matches were, and who to invest my limited time and energy in, I developed a messaging process that efficiently filtered down my highest-chemistry matches. This allowed me to focus and go on dates with only my best matches.

I'll show you how I did it, to help you attract more dates from better quality men or women.

My mini-course "Match to Date Accelerator" teaches how you may save time and energy narrowing down your best matches and how to convert those matches into real-world dates, using my messaging strategies.

The Connection Artist


My strategies have been used by millions of salespeople and marketers to inspire strangers to fall in love with brands, leading to purchases. I've re-engineered the same strategies to inspire strangers to fall in love with your personal brand, leading to dates.

The Connection Artist


I studied Marketing for 7 years at top business universities, earned my MBA, and have over 10 years of experience leading marketing, branding, sales, and client relationships for some of the world's most iconic brands. I also tested multiple dating apps in different markets and learned what works. Now I help people like you to fast-track finding love online.

The Connection Artist


Learn how I efficiently filtered my matches to determine who was the best investment of my time and efforts to date. My approach led to more fun and interesting first dates with better matches.


My results may not be your results. I cannot promise the quantity nor quality of matches you personally will receive.